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Do we buy too much crap?


Staff member
I sometimes feel like a lot of the stuff we purchase is really not something we need, but we're made to believe we need it by media and other influences. Such as way too many clothing items, new gadgets every year, expensive nights out etc. Do you feel like you buy too much crap or are you frugal?


New member
Yeah, I think a lot of people tend to actually buy way too much crap, myself included actually. There's always regret when we buy some crap but we can't return it. I've been a lot better recently though, I've managed to handle myself and ensure that I don't buy any unnecessary things that I don't really need at all.
United Kingdom
I like to mention that also, you might buy something that's not so crap but rather then not using it! other words pointless on spending something that you not going to use.

Like me got an £23,90 FSX aircraft and used it twice and then since it's hard gave up for months