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Fund tracking tool?

United Kingdom
What is the best online resource to identify fund performance, is there something which shows a complete list of funds available on the market with up to date figures?

And / or

where is there a good tracker to show which are the best and worst performing funds?

It seems that where I look around the internet, different websites seem to shown different information. As I type, I'm getting confused, not in away that I don't understand which I d, does sound extremely likely what I am asking is a little idiotic
Yeah, There are a number of online sites available on the Internet where one can invest in funds. Investment means one is securing their future. Investing in mutual funds, International funds, share is also a good idea as they are the long term investing funds.
I have a spreedsheet set up in Microsoft Excel and this is used as a fund tracking tool. I monitor, what I spend, what bills I pay, what I save, transactions, and finally profits. Excel has came in handy when it comes to finances