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Home ownership pros

I don't want to owe anyone any money, during my life. By renting a house, you will constantly owe someone rent, etc. An advantage if you choose to buy a property is that you can then buy more than one property and rent the other and get into real estate from there
United Kingdom
Ownership comes to allot of pros if you know what you are doing and not getting into the deep end right away. For example I rather pay the full amount of the home rather then getting an mortgage that can take some months to pay back.

  • You own it so you can do what the hell you want
  • Not to worry about rant, other then everyday bills like gas/water
  • Can able to sell it and make that extra cash if the property prices are good for that time/year
  • can add new bathroom or whatnot


Staff member
Right now we own our homes (our folks bought the 2 city apartments and we bought the house in the village). If we'll immigrate, we'll probably rent forever, since there's no reason for us to get into a mortgage this old just to keep my daughter in a fancier school.

For home ownership there are clearly many pros:
  • no rent - this will 'hurt' us a lot, when we'll go abroad, since rent is one of the biggest expenses we'll have on a monthly basis.
  • you can do whatever you wish
  • no one will evict you for any reason
  • you can sell or get tenants to earn some money
  • you can leave it to your kids. Just as we inherited real estate from our folks, our daughter will start her adult life in a pretty sweet spot.