How Do You Stay Motivated to Save?

Is it difficult for you to find the motivation to save money? Does it come naturally? How do you keep your motivation when it comes to saving money?
It comes naturally to me. I look at my bank figures, and I create a savings goal of 100 pounds every month from my online work. Every penny soon adds up!
Not very easy. I get paid ever two weeks and I have to take out so much a month for bills and everyday food that I have to eat. And then what's left goes into my bank. But as an owner of an website and things that I do online! tends to be hard.

I have to save most of it when the site needs to be renewed or other renew fees


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Yeah, websites can turn costly on the long run, but they can also be monetized, slowly, and cover for their expenses.

BTW, please feel free to link to your website in your siggy, if you think it would help you even more ;)