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How to gain my first client?

Top tips are listed below. If anyone knows any other tips, feel free to add by replying to this topic

  1. Talk to clients you already do business with
  2. Paid Marketing
  3. Free Marketing
  4. Hire a SEO specialist.
  5. Implement a referral system
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Start with a very low price, or even free, for a few people. Build that portfolio and reputation. Then charge more, that's how I tend to do it.
This will only work for certain scenarios though. For example, if you are a business where the customer only visits and buys from you once (no repeat purchases) then it's important that you do not start to charge a low price because you won't be able to charge a higher price from them again. Plus, starting with a low price might put some customers off since they may believe that your business is low quality and not good enough to purchase from.