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Is it possible to really earn a decent a passive income?

I know this is a very debated subject all over the web. And I know there are many blogs and online magazines who give great ideas about how to create yourself a stream of passive income. But the truth is that few people can achieve 100% (or even 90%) passive income. And I think this passive income stuff is very very important when you don't depend on a paycheck every month. You will have some good months, but you will also have some bad ones when having a safe net to fall to can be extremely important.

So my question for you is this: have you created for yourselves a way to get money without having to work at it every single month? And if yes, how did you do it and what amount of work was necessary at first, before enjoying the benefits of passivity?
Yes, but there are two things you have to bare in mind. Where are you going to receive the money, which payment system? - PayPal? The hardest part, how are going to make a living online?


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I was thinking to buy shares and dividends, and build a portofolio (step by step) witch finaly will bring enough to cover my monthly needs.


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Not at the moment. I do think that it is possible to earn a decent passive income but you do need to work hard to get to a point where the passive income that you make is decent. I think that the best way to earn passive income is to invest in real estate. Buying houses or flats, working on them and then renting them out can be a really good way to make some passive income. Obviously, this is not ideal for everyone because not everyone has enough capital to invest in real estate but if you do, it is definitely a good thing to do.