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Is real estate a bad investment

No, real estate isn't a bad investment and it's low risk too. People gloablly are making quick cash from this investment than anyting else there is. Buy to let and repeat, is how people make there money. What's your opinion about real estate?


New member
It's something that I would love to do in the future (if I have the financial resources and the time to do so of course). I think real estate can be a really good investment if you choose the right areas and do good enough work to ensure that the real estate you get is good enough to be rented out or even sold. I wouldn't say it's quick cash because it can take some time for you to get back your money, especially if you decide to rent it out rather than sell it straight away.


Staff member
I'd say that smart real estate investing is a great way to have something to fall on when older. We currently have 3 'items' (2 apartments and a house in a rural area) and we plan on holding on to all of them. This way we'll have a place to live and 2 income sources from renting.