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Paper or Paperless statements

I'm trying to save the environment, we only have one that is fully developed. Planet earth is our home and we've already polluted our oceans and the surroundings. However, what are you doing to help with this crisis? Are your bank statements paper or paperless? Mine are paperless.
United Kingdom
Some still go with the old fashion way or they rather want paper since they have no clue to how to deal online banking. I have my statement online and even so they till send me darn letters out regards loans and whatnot. Anyway why wait a month to get it by post as where you can check right after you paid in something


New member
There are two reasons why paperless statements are a lot better than opting for paper statements. The biggest benefit is obviously that you are helping to save the environment, it won't be a massive change but if loads of people opt for paperless statements, then you are saving a lot of paper. The second benefit depends on the places that are printing out the statements, some banks and organisations have started to charge for paper statements but offer paperless statements for free. So obviously opting for paperless will be a lot cheaper for you.