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What are the benefits of a home business?

Let's see here what benefits we can find for working from home:

1. no transportation fees - don't have to fill up my car tank for 3-4 months. No commute, no anything
2. less money spent on clothes and shoes - I work from home, so I can wear my home 'attire'. And my slippers don't cost as much as the normal shoes.
3. more time with my family - I really love getting more time to spend with my folks. it has brought us closer.
4. overall less business expenses - I don't have an office in the city, I don't pay anyone, can work from my bed or my desk. It really 'feels' when I have to budget each month for our expenses.
5. freedom to schedule my work - it's raining today, so I'll stay at home and maybe put 12 hours of work. If it's sunny tomorrow, I'll work for 5 hours and then get out. What other benefits do you see for working from home?
Do you own a company, is it sucessful, how much profit do you produce monthly? I've never thought of the benefits, there are so many! I'm thinking of starting a IT business.
United Kingdom
  1. Able to pick your own hours, but starting off you in all the hours you need
  2. Charge what you want, but as an starting out you need to look at what others are price at and add yours. since there is competition
  3. what cost you need to start, and able to have backup.
  4. work what you know best and be willing to do it rather then not know


New member
I think the biggest and best benefit is that you can work at your own pleasure. If you want to take a break, you can do that. If you want to get something to eat, you can just go to your kitchen and get something to eat. Plus you're in the comfort of your own home which makes doing work a lot more pleasurable and a bit more enjoyable I guess. And like said above, the costs are a lot lower since you don't have to travel or spend money on work clothes etc.