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What protection does your phone have?

The average human in planet earth spends 4 hours of THERE life staring down at there mobile phone. This is why I think it’s important about how we are protecting our handles devices. I have a glass screen protector, it’s worked well, I dropped it multiple times before the glass cracked and then I just replaced the protector. To top it all of, I have a hard back case I bought of Amazon.
United Kingdom
Nothing, I don't use my phone that very much regards out door life. Mostly my phone is at home connected to my router that has an protection firewall. Also since it's windows and browser is by Microsoft it also has an blocker option


New member
Before my current phone, I actually didn't bother with any sort of protection because I'm usually really careful with my phone. But now, I ended up getting a pretty good phone case for my Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 because the phone was extremely good looking and I didn't really want to risk dropping it and breaking the screen or damaging any other part of the phone. The case is pretty good and I've actually dropped it a few times since I got the case so it's a good thing I got it lol


Staff member
I didn't get protection and I broke its glass. Then I did get it properly covered and caught it in the car door. It's completely ruined, so now I have another one without protection :D