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4 Reasons Safety Deposit Boxes Trump Home Safes


Whether you want somewhere super-safe to store your family jewels to pass down between generations, store your collection of rare artifacts, or even keep your savings bonds and other important paperwork, a safe deposit box in a secure and monitored location tends to be a far better choice than storing your valuables in a safe at home.

Below, we discuss the advantages of choosing a safety deposit box over a home safe.

A Safety Deposit Box is More Secure Against Thieves

While it may be reported that the number of house burglaries is at an all-time low, burglaries continue to increase in some areas, and a home safe happens to be a relatively easy target for thieves.

But, an offsite safety deposit box is far more secure than your home safe.

Even if a robbery occurs at the location, very few thieves even bother to try and gain access to safety deposit boxes.

Safety Deposit Boxes Offer Better Value

Even home safes on the lower end of the market cost an arm and a leg. But, a safety deposit box can be rented for a minimal fee depending on its size.

Unless you plan to store rather large valuable possessions, the up-front cost of renting a box is sure to be a great deal less than buying a home safe.

If you happen to live around Sydney, Australasian Vaulting Industries offer safe deposit box in Sydney at competitive rental fees.

Home Safes Are Ridiculously Easy to Break Into

Have you ever watched those TV shows where they get access to old storage units and how quickly they break home a home safe to see what’s inside?

Breaking into a home safe is super easy, and just about anyone can do it. All it takes is a quick search online about how to crack a home safe and you will be presented with hundreds of results.

But, safe deposit boxes are usually located within an ultra-secure vault that can be far trickier to gain access to.

Safe Deposit Boxes Are Better Protected from Fires

If you plan on storing some serious valuables, you will find that fireproof home safes are truly costly compared to their more basic varieties, and there are even limits on how much safety and fire protection they can really offer.

For instance, some home varieties allow the contents to reach up to 350 degrees, and while that protects paper documents, it is far too much heat for disks and slides to handle.

On average, home safes offer around half an hour of protection from fire, which is not enough if emergency services take too long to put a fire out.

But, fire is no issue for safety deposit boxes. Safety boxes are houses in sealed vaults that offer the utmost protection.

What About Smoke Alarms?

It is very rare that vault robberies involve safety deposit boxes. It is a good idea to add a smoke alarm to your homeowner’s insurance policy that will cover the valuables you store in your safe.

It’s a small price to pay to protect from unfortunate losses.

So, what’s  your take on this? Which of these 2 options seems better to you right now?


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