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5 Business Etiquette Rules GovDocFiling Says Are a Must


5 Business Etiquette Rules GovDocFiling Says Are a Must

Many people seem to forget that being professional is more than education and skill; it is also about having the right standards of behavior.

Acting unprofessional could result in losing business, which is why GovDocFiling gathered a list of five business etiquette rules professionals must know in the today’s business world.

When introducing yourself use your full name.

Remembering names months after you meet can be difficult for almost anyone. Using your full name when introducing yourself can help others distinguish you from all the other Johns and Marys they have met. Also, by using your last name, people will have an easier time finding you’re on sites such as LinkedIn, keeping you connected.

If you invited, you pay.

Rather than going back and forth with how-do-we-split-the-check, pay the bill if you are the one invited business associates, clients, etc. This includes a quick cup of coffee or dinner.

Stay Off Your Phone

Today, everyone has their phone. But, when in a professional environment, keep it in your pocket. Even just placing your phone on the table suggests you will not be focused on them.

Do Not Interrupt

It is disrespectful to interrupt someone’s work or conversation. Before walking into their office, say hello or knock if the door is open and as if they have spare time to talk. In cases where it is going to take more than several minutes, call or email them to schedule a time to meet.

Stand Up to Greet Someone

Standing to greet someone establishes a presence. On the other hand, remaining in your seat makes it simple for others to ignore you.

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