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5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Cash Loan Right Now


5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Cash Loan Right Now

Sometimes life is like one of those books where you have to choose between alternative endings, based on which page number you turn to.

And while to date you’ve always managed to find the page that leads to a happily ever after, there may come a time when you land on the page where there’s seemingly no turning back.

Or at least, you think there isn’t.

But don’t worry, as no matter how bad life may get, you’ll still have options; so you needn’t fret about the spectre of Groundhog Day.

Money, of course, is the predominant reason you might have found yourself in a chapter of your life you really didn’t wish to be living out right now.

Personal finances, along with health, are arguably the two most sobering of thoughts we have to deal with at any page in our living biographies, and while our health might often be in the lap of the gods, money on the other hand needn’t be as pre-destined.

Our finances can be stretched to the limits for any number of reasons; losing a job, unexpectedly having more mouths to feed, accidentally overspending, unpredicted illness, interest rates skyrocketing whilst you’re still in the throes of paying your mortgage; the list can be pretty infinite.

Nobody ever wants (or indeed, plans) to find themselves financially troubled, but circumstances beyond our control and/or series of unseen events unfolding can quickly spiral and result in funds becoming increasingly tight. And then there’s the pressing question of just where to turn in our hour of need.

Chances are you might have already approached your bank and other high street lenders, only to be met with a wall of silence.

So then what? Well, thankfully there are a number of cash loan companies, such as Cash 1 Loans, who will help bridge financial gaps; offering short-to-medium term action plans to ease your burden and ultimately get your life back on the right page again.

Colloquially referred to as direct lenders, firms like Cash 1 Loans are dedicated to finding the best solution to your money worries and working out the best – and most responsible – means of tackling it then and there.

Be it in the tried and tested guise of title loans, installment loans, smart loans or personal loans, rest assured you’ll have options.

Getting back to what life events potentially led someone to this point, and beneath we take a quick look at 5 of the most recurrent reasons why someone might need an injection of cash ASAP.

Your car breaks

Your car may experience mechanical problems out of the blue, which you’re told by technicians will cost a small fortune to correct. And where once when cars weren’t the complex and gadget-operated things they are today they could be repaired and put back on the road quickly and cost-effectively, today’s vehicles are hugely complicated beasts which require a lot more TLC from a mechanic. And more TLC means a larger bill.

You have a medical emergency

A medical emergency could crop up from nowhere, affecting a family member. And here in America you have a fair idea of how much putting humans back together again (never mind our cars) can, potentially cost. Quite literally, an arm and a leg in some cases. Even fairly routine medical procedures such as kidney transplants, gastrectomy and coronary artery bypasses can cost upwards of six figures.

You lost your job

You’ve just been handed a pink slip by your employer, which you never saw coming.

In this day and age, redundancy can be just around the corner. Or if we’re sticking to the book analogy, the next page in your life story.

This devastating event doesn’t mean your utility bills will suddenly cease to exist, or mortgage lenders will overlook your repayments, or the grocery store will let you off without paying for your weekly provisions.

And if your bank isn’t willing to play ball, then you need to turn somewhere else, fast.

You have your identity stolen

This might sound a little far-fetched, but it’s 2018 after all; and thousands of people have been victim to ID fraud in more recent times. If this happens, then your bank account may well be drained by unscrupulous types, leaving you in dire financial straits. What’s more, you could have your credit cards and/or bank account frozen for an undetermined time. And while your bank is contractually-obliged to rectify the ensuing chaos, it might not happen overnight. Ergo a short-term monetary fix might be your lifeline.

You maxed out your credit cards

You unwittingly maxed out your credit/store cards when nobody – including yourself – was looking.

Everyone is guilty of flashing the plastic a little too frequently at times in their life, with retail therapy noted as among the most popular forms of making everything right again after it’s been a little bad. Of course, knowing when to stop is key; and if you don’t, the financial impact can be more than a bit daunting.

These are just few reasons why you would need a cash loan.


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