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5 Unusual Career Choices


When I was a kid, there were pretty few career choices: you would either become a doctor, a teacher or an engineer.

There were also less glamorous options, such as worker in a factory, but most of us, kids who studied well, aimed to become ‘someone’ in a well-paying industry.

Now it’s easier for our kids to choose a rewarding career, they don’t need to be limited to very few options, the sky is the limit.

Here are 5 unusual career choices to look into

Radio DJ

I studied to become a teacher, but, when I was in the 10th grade, I visited a local radio-tv station. As you can imagine, I was completely hooked and didn’t want anything to do with teaching anymore.

I did finish my studies, but started a career in radio.

For 10 years I had a daily show and it was amazing. Clearly one of the best careers one could dream of, a decent income and a bit of local fame.

It all ended abruptly in 2009, when the radio station closed for good and the industry was ‘dead’, so I pursued my web design dream and became a full time freelance web designer.

Bike Courier

If you love biking and you live in a pleasant climate, it can be a very fulfilling career. The pay is good and you also remain in top shape.

No more cubicle work for you, just ride your bike and earn money delivering small packets.

Keep out of very busy streets, since it can become dangerous, but it’s a job you can do either as an independent contractor or being hired at a courier company.

Professional bridesmaid

Yes, you lived to hear this – there are women who are actually being paid for this role. If you got married, you might still remember the hassle a well organized wedding entails.

This is why some people would rather pay someone to handle all the bridesmaid work and not have to put all the pressure on friends or close relatives.

If you love shopping for dresses, planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party and managing guest lists (plus a gazillion other things), this job is for you.

Just as with similar positions, you can either create a small business and handle the clients or get hired at a reputable company.

Funeral service manager

Now that we dealt with the pleasant events, let’s take care of those we don’t quite enjoy, but need help with.

A funeral manager has a very serious role and, if you had someone deceased in your family, you probably know how invaluable their support was for you.

If you don’t mind handling all the (sometimes gory) details of a funeral, there is a lot of money you can make helping people plan memorial services for their deceased loved ones.

Betting expert

You can have a lucrative career in betting, if it’s something you enjoy doing. Betting is a very risky choice for most people, but the earning potential is limitless for someone who has a knack for it.

Sports betting is not too difficult if you do your work and get as educated as possible. It’s advisable to focus on few sports and over-specialize, this allows you to become an expert and earn more money betting, while also reducing the risks.

These are just few ideas for lucrative and unusual career choices for someone who doesn’t want to spend their lives in a regular 9-to-5 job. Are there any other options you have tried?


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