5 Ways to Earn Real Money by Playing Online Games

16-06-2017 | Ramona |

Earn Money by Playing Online GamesI started playing games back in the ‘90s, when my father got a computer at work and would allow me to play there as well. Ever since discovering Wolfenstein, Prehistoric and Supaplex, I have spent quite some time enjoying a game, whether it was on the computer or a huge online game.

Chances are your story is not that different, maybe you got other games you loved and played for quite some time, but one this is clear: you probably played some games and still are enjoying the occasional gaming relaxation.

But what if you could earn some money, real money, out of this otherwise ‘time wasting’ occupation?

Here are 5 ways you can earn REAL money by playing online games:

Become a game tester

Any new game needs proper testing before being released to the public. All those glitches and bugs have to get reported, repaired and then re-tested.

As you guess, this job is done by real people who play the games and then report all the issues found, from how the game ‘feels’ to how it works.

If you love to play games and are a thorough person, this job could bring you some extra-income.

While the pay is closer to the minimum wage, game testing is still a good way to earn a side income and enjoy your game playing.

Create detailed guides and publish them on your blog

10 years ago I got addicted to an online game called Travian.

You can still find it online, it has developed a lot and still is one of the best MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online game) ever.

As this took up quite some time and I also invested some money getting various in-game perks, I started getting good at it and decided to create a gaming blog geared towards Travian.

Back then I used to own about 40 websites on various niches (health, webmaster, martial arts, travel, gaming), so I never got the chance to really develop it.

Still, it earned me some money via Google Adsense and text-links.

Similarly, I created a website based on a game I really loved back then (still think it’s one of the best RPGs – Role Playing Games) – Morrowind. It also got me a pretty back via advertising.

So, if you love a game and are really good, you can try create a gaming blog and write tutorials on it. Getting a domain name and cheap hosting are easy, you’ll install WordPress, get a free theme and you’re blogging in no time.

Earn money playing the actual game

So far we discussed about creating walkthroughs and publishing them online, about creating useful videos and monetizing with ads, about game testing or competitive game playing. There are games that allow you to actually earn money playing them.

Playing bingo games online can be very rewarding. The more you play, the more you can earn.

Create videos playing the game and monetize with ads

There’s an increased interest in video content, so creating interesting and useful videos with you playing the games would attract an audience. The more people watch your videos, the more money you can earn with the ads you display.

Don’t just record your gaming, explain what you do, give tips and tricks, make it useful and interesting. In time you’ll get a following and earn money.

Win gaming tournaments

As the gaming industry is still developing a lot, there are various events where you can compete against other players.

Gaming tournaments are a great place to enjoy some pretty stiff competition, improve your gaming skills and earn a buck in the process.

Don’t expect to become rich from this, but you can still have a great time playing and earning some money.

Other ways to earn money playing games are to sell high-level characters (many MMORPGs allow for this), you can farm ‘gold’ and sell it and also monetize any special items your character wins along the game.

Are there any other ways you’ve tried to earn money playing online games?

If you like what you are reading, please share. Thank you :)

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