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9 Reasons You Should Invest In Bitcoin Now


If you’re one of those people who imagined Bitcoin would never take off as a real currency, it’s time to rethink your stance. Here are the top reasons to invest in Bitcoin now.

More people are using the currency

More than 4 million people use Bitcoin in their day-to-day transactions. The currency is no longer a mere bet or dabble for people who want to make a quick profit. Bitcoin has become a real-world currency and people are using it to buy everyday items.

It’s more stable

Today, Bitcoin is a lot more stable than it was just seven years ago. The less volatility it shows, the more it is accepted around the world. You can enjoy face to face trading at Bitcoin Dealers.

More people prefer cashless transactions

Carrying cash around is outdated. It’s much cooler to have a device in your hand and do all your transactions with a mere fingertip. More people around the globe are shifting towards such digital economic systems where you can do everyone on one device and online.

Bitcoin is already established as a digital currency, so it’s quickly taking the place of “real” money. It’s also a whole lot safer than its digital competitors when it comes to security and privacy of transactions.


Bitcoin is free from international and governmental surveillance, which means there’s no authority keeping an eye on it, and hence, no third party. So, governments cannot impose a tax on your Bitcoin transactions.

Major vendors accept Bitcoin as a form of payment these days

There are now plenty of major vendors around the world that accept Bitcoin as a legitimate way of paying. You can buy and sell products, pay for services, book hotels, and more with Bitcoin payment. Some of the major retailers include Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft.

A safe-haven during economic turmoil

Bitcoin has managed to supersede gold as an alternative during economic ups and downs. The cryptocurrency is disconnected from traditional financial systems and poor monetary policies, so it’s easy enough to exit poor economic conditions and not be affected by turmoil.

Trading is easy

Before you can trade, you need to buy Bitcoin. You need a debit or credit card for that, or even PayPal. That’s all there is to it and then you can begin trading.

An array of applications

Bitcoin’s monetary aspect is called Blockchain. You can use it in numerous ways to do a range of things. For instance, you can use it to represent your title, your property, as security insurance and more. You can even use it to store information.

Bitcoin can’t be manipulated, tempered or hacked

Due to the Blockchain technology used in Bitcoin, the crypto-currency can not be tempered, hacked, or manipulated without causing major failure to the entire system. So, even if you don’t trust the people doing the transaction, you don’t have to stress about being cheated.


It’s no longer about why you should invest in Bitcoin, but rather “when.” Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade and it is now reliable and stable. So, isn’t it time you considered investing?


  1. I believe you should avoid Bitcoin right now, and wait for the chart to go down to 2000-2500$. We’ll get at this point sooner that you think :o)

    Cryptocurrencies are interesting, but it’s currently not the good timing to get into them, and you have to select them very carefully.

  2. It’s a Ponzi scheme – nothing more, nothing less. It’s value depends on more and more people buying in. At the moment large numbers of people want to cash out, the crap will hit the fan. That’s how a Ponzi scheme works.

  3. I’m not against in investing in to bitcoin but isn’t it a bit too late investing in it this 2018? compared to it’s prices the past years compared to now? the return of investment isn’t as big as the earlier one’s? or does it still depends on the investor?


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