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About Dojo

dojoMy real name is Ramona, I am a successful web designer from Romania. I have started my journey online in 2002, when I first created a web site.

The passion for graphic & web design kept me going forward, I spent thousands of hours learning about my trade, creating stunning designs for my clients and also running my own web site network.

While my web design business was just a small side hustle for some years, in 2009 I lost my well paid and very cool job at a local radio station, so I had to think fast and do something.

Back then I wasn’t interested at all in anything related to personal finance, had serious debt and got laid off, which meant a lot of trouble.

Since the radio industry was ‘dead‘ in my city, I decided to do the unthinkable and focus on my side ‘gig‘, trying to make it profitable enough, so that I could earn my living.

Fast forward now, I’m debt free (since 2012), my business is doing great and I also got very interested in learning more about how to better handle my money.

We have traveled a lot these years, earned well and now are enjoying the thrills of running a home based business and also taking care of a baby (our daughter was born in February 2014).

Why should you read PF Today?

Because all the articles I write here come from personal experience and focused study. I don’t write about the stuff I don’t know about, I don’t create ‘filler’ content just to fool the search engines.

Everything you’ll read here is original, interesting and useful. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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