Author: Anne Seymour

Anne is a young webpreneur, interested in all things related to money: earning, investing, saving. She's paid off her student loans and now is looking forward to doing a lot of writing and traveling.

Accessing MetaTrader 4: Four Unique Options for You

The world of forex is fast-paced, thrilling, and incredibly volatile. New market trends can emerge in an instant, turning all […]

investing tips

External Factors That Will Affect Your Business

Most business owners will spend the majority of their time preoccupied with the internal factors that contribute to their company’s […]

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What Traits Make a Strong Loan Provider?

All across the UK, people are trying to get control of their debt, with many looking to do this through […]

Holiday Shopping: Happy Days Are Here Again?

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner… are you ready? Retailers, some of whom learnt a hard lesson last […]

Best workplace snack foods

Eating regularly is good for you, helping to speed up your metabolism while aiding concentration. However, if you work in […]

trading commodities

Why You Should Consider Trading Commodities

Over the past couple of decades, many investors have become attracted to commodities for many reasons, including the lower prices, […]

Cut Your Driving Costs in 5 Simple Steps

There’s no getting around the fact that driving these days isn’t cheap. However, by following these five simple steps, you […]

3 Common Neighbour Disputes and How to Resolve Them

In an ideal world, we’d all live in perfect harmony with our neighbours. In reality though, tensions can build between […]

Where Should You Invest Your Money in 2016?

Good news everyone! Economists are predicting further economic growth in 2016. Institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World […]

human resources software

3 Ways Human Resources Software Can Help Your Small Business

Thanks largely to the huge advancements made in the technology sector, many big corporations and institutions have radically overhauled their […]

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