How to Avoid the Pitfalls in Short Term Loans

09-07-2017 | Ramona |

How to Avoid the Pitfalls in Short Term LoansShort term loans can save the day when you are faced with a financial crisis. Sometimes, emergency expenses can overwhelm you when there isn’t enough cash to handle everything. In this article, you’ll learn how to safely navigate through short term loans and avoid some common mistakes that could leave you more desperate.

Scrutinize your reasons for taking a short term loan

While short-term loans are very useful financial services, they are not meant to be used as a solution for any need. Because these are an expensive form of borrowing, they are best reserved for emergencies that need cash fast. Although most lenders will not dictate what the money can be spent on, it is wise to restrict its use on necessities.

Also, it is highly advised that short-term loans should never be used as a long-term financial solution.

Find a loan with the lowest APR from the best lender

When you need cash for urgent expenses, the urge to act quickly is very strong and you may end up in a rushed borrowing. Today, there are many lenders offering short term guaranteed $5000 cash at different rates and terms. As a rule of thumb, take some time comparing different lenders and look at their rates for loans in the same category.

Typically, the cheapest loan will have the lowest APR but you need to be sure the compared loans have similar repayment period.

Similarly, do a background check on a lender and determine whether they are legit or not. Look out for comments and complaints by previous customers before choosing a lender. Because of the scams that have emerged in the recent past, you need to make sure the lender you give information can be trusted.

It’s better to work with a lender with a track record and a good reputation in the industry.

Make sure the loan can be comfortably paid back

When most people are taking out loans in the midst of a financial crisis, all they care about is the money they will receive to solve the issue at hand. More often, this leads to surprises and drastic changes in a lifestyle.

Before taking a loan, reflect on your budget and make sure that you can afford to pay the money and at the same time meet all the other expenses. When sufficient consideration on other financial obligations is taken into account, you can settle on an amount that’s not too hard on your lifestyle.

Even when you are in a desperate situation, never take more than you can afford to pay back. Furthermore, this will work for a short while before the financial crisis balloon within a very short time.

If you are in a tight financial situation, settling on reasonable installments loan can be suitable since the repayment period is extended. However, it’s your duty to figure out the type of loan that will perfectly fit into your financial situation.

When possible, always make sure the required repayments will not exceed 30% of your income. That way you’ll have sufficient funds for other expenses.

Take time to study the agreement before appending your signature

As with any legal agreement, you are bound by the law to honor it. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure all the clauses are perfectly clear.  In the agreement, you will find the rates and charges for the loan taken but you are only bound if you agree to the terms.

If you feel uncomfortable with some issues, it’s wise not to enter into the agreement because honoring it will be difficult. But if everything is perfectly clear and you are certain in your ability to honor the agreement, then you should move forward with the deal.

Pay back the loan as stipulated in the agreement

After you have received the money, you have an obligation to honor the agreement to the letter. Whenever possible, make sure the loan is paid back on the due date. Missed payments will be charged by most lenders and this can make the loans very expensive. Also, rolling over the loan raises the cost of borrowing.

If a lender permits, you can make early payments without any additional charges and settle the debt in full.

Communicate with the lender promptly when in a difficult situation

Because life is full of surprises, a situation can arise and render you incapable of making a scheduled payment. During such times, your first reaction should be informing the lender so that you can both work towards a solution. In most cases, lenders will be ready to give you a new payment plan customized to the present needs.


Short term loans can be an invaluable asset if used in the right way. But most people lack the knowledge and diligence to properly utilize them. To avoid any difficulties, always commit to responsible borrowing and be conscious of your financial situation.

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  • Dennis

    July 17, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Hey Ramona, great tips for dealing with short term loans. It is so important to find out what the APR would be. When I was refinancing student loans, I almost got a worse deal because it seemed like the actual interest was lower when the APR was actually higher. Thank you for helping others with loans that can be very costly.

  • GCC Home

    December 6, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Short term loans are generally up to three years in length. People choose this type of loan when they want a loan that allows them to pay it back in shorter duration. Larger monthly payments for a shorter timeframe can save you money long-term.

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