Why Bartending is the Perfect Student Job

Why Bartending is the Perfect Student JobAs a student, finding the perfect job to fit around your academic studies can be tricky.

You need money, but you also need a range of other features from your job such as flexibility, part-time hours, and a convenient location for your student job.

Because of this, more and more students are turning to bar tending to make some extra money, a job which can offer everything that you need when you’re at college.

We’ve listed some of the best reasons to apply for a job behind a bar!

Customer Service Experience

No matter which industry you’re hoping to go into after you have completed your degree program, gaining hands-on experience in customer service is going to look great on your resume.

Whilst working as a bartender, you’ll be required to attend to the needs of members of the public, and you may even get the opportunity to undertake further training, for example a first aid course, which can expand your resume even further.

If you’re studying for a degree program such as the MSW online from Rutgers Online, for example, customer service experience is definitely a great bonus.

Flexible Hours

Most bars are used to employing students, and that’s why this is one of the most flexible jobs to have, with varying contracts often available to suit different types of workers.

And, depending on the location of your college or home, there’ll likely be a number of different bars to apply at to make sure that you get the type of work contract that you need.

Mainly, bar jobs require workers to do evening and weekend shifts, which often fit the best around a busy student schedule.

Discounts on Socializing

One of the best things about working behind the bar as a student is that you’ll likely be able to get a staff discount when you go in there for a drink yourself.

Although you’ll be earning some money from your bar job, as a student you’ll probably still be glad of an opportunity to save some cash!

Learn New Skills

Working behind a bar might not seem like a very skilled profession, however, there are many new, transferable skills that students can gain from it.

For example, when working behind the bar you may be required to keep track of payments or deal with the financial side of things.

Or, you could even be trained in making cocktails and mixology!

In a bar, you’ll be dealing with the public, so you never know which situations you may find yourself in, leading to opportunities for you to improve skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and remaining calm under pressure – all of which can help you to succeed with your degree and future professional goals and plans.

If you’re studying for an online masters in social work and need to earn some extra money, there are many great reasons why working in a bar is a great option for college students of all levels.

Along with flexible hours and great locations, bar work can teach you a lot!

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Recent Comments

  • Sagar Nandwani

    February 20, 2017 at 9:12 am

    The most important part of working while in school is keeping your priorities straight. Your parents probably keep nagging that school comes first, and they’re right. That’s why you have to find a job that will work with your class schedule and extracurricular activities. Keep in mind you have to be flexible too so you may not make it out to party every weekend.

  • Jason Santiago

    May 10, 2017 at 3:48 am

    I actually like the idea of working as bartender for a student job. As you said, it’s flexible, you get to learn skills you can bring as an adult, socializing is a norm (you might get a good network for future networks) and lastly, the tipping can be really good. As long as you set your priorities straight with your students, I don’t see anything wrong from getting experience as a bartender. You might end up having your own bar in the future if it ends up being your passion. 🙂

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