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HOW I EARNED $2174.65 in 2017 BLOGGING

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Personal Finance Blog income reports

Right now I run 2 separate Personal Finance Blogs: (the one you’re reading) and

I am a web designer, so my income is not only ad related. I earn money by doing web design / online marketing jobs for my clients and I also sell a freelancing course.

I’d like to focus here solely on BLOGGING income, to show you my progress with this niche and also help you create a profitable blog of your own, since many of you might have to focus on advertising revenue at first.

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Blog Income Reports (in USD) – 2017

January259.88123.63383.51January Blog Income Report
February139136.38275.38February Blog Income Report
March441.45151.11592.56March Blog Income Report
April207.5110.11317.61April Blog Income Report
May500.65104.94605.59May Blog Income Report
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