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investing tips

Investing Tips for Beginners

One of the best ways to prepare for what future holds is to save money and also start investing wisely.  […]


The True Cost of Being in Debt – Wasted Opportunities

Back in 2008, when I bought a car and financed it, my current husband (boyfriend back then) was shocked to […]

home appraisal tips

Home Appraisal Tips for Refinancing

When you refinance your mortgage, a very important stage in this process is getting a great home appraisal. This can […]

save money on electricity

100 Ways to Save Money on Electricity

For most households the electricity bill can sometimes eat up quite a chunk of the budget. This is why knowing […]

money resolution

Husband’s New Money Resolution for 2015

The first time I ever set a money resolution was few years ago, after finding myself in some deep financial […]

personal finance blog

10 Personal Finance Blog Mistakes You Should Avoid

As you already know, I’m an experienced blogger (my ‘main‘ blog is 9 years old this September) and have also […]

freelancing success

Freelancing Success Story: Life on an Exotic Island and Working Abroad

I’ve known Gabriela for some years, since she started commenting on my Romanian blog. I was actually writing about freelancing […]

Personal Finance Software: You Need a Budget Review

I first started getting interested in a personal finance software 3 years ago, when not tracking my finances properly was […]

save money college

The Pros and Cons of Saving Money for Kids’ Future

Many of us, personal finance bloggers, are also parents, so the thought of saving money for kids’ future clearly passed […]

Financial Resolutions for 2015

2015! It’s here and, as any good personal finance bloggers, we clearly have some financial resolutions ready. Last year, knowing […]

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