Why Deliveries Are Important to Your Business

20-06-2017 | Ramona |

There’s a lot to think about when you’re running your own business and we believe that an often-overlooked part of any business that’s incredibly important to its success is deliveries.

Your delivery offer should feature high up on your list of priorities in your business as it’s an important part of your customer service and it could have a positive impact on your profitability. Here’s a closer look at why deliveries are important to the success of your business.

It Keeps Customers Happy

Providing excellent customer service is vital to a small business as it could be the make or break for whether you remain successful. When surveyed, over half of all age groups (including millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers) said they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

This means that your customers should be a priority, which includes meeting their expectations for delivery performance. These expectations have grown in recent years and now, 91% of consumers value a specific time slot offered for deliveries and they value convenience and control when it comes to their parcel deliveries.

By failing to offer a range of delivery options, your business could be risking an increase in shopping cart abandonment as shoppers try to find a retailer with delivery options that suit their requirements.

It Protects Your Brand Reputation

Upholding your high customer service standards is vital to your business’s success as it will help you to maintain customer loyalty and improve your reputation, making your brand more appealing to new customers.

According to Whistl, a leading UK delivery management company, two thirds of consumers consider poor delivery standards to be the worst thing to go wrong when online shopping and it can have a negative impact on trust and brand reputation.

Make sure your business has a reliable delivery company on board so that you can build up your reputation for excellent customer service and engage new customers.

It Can Save Time and Money

Having an efficient and streamlined process in place for your deliveries can potentially save you plenty of time and money.

If you decide to work with a professional delivery company, they can collect and manage all your deliveries for you – so that you can rest assured that the process runs smoothly, with all your parcels reaching their destination safely and securely. What’s more, it will free up your time to focus on other parts of your business, such as growing it.

Don’t overlook the importance of the delivery options offered by your online business.

Offering the right services could help you stay ahead of the competition as it will allow you to attract new customers and keep your existing customers happy and loyal.

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