False ‘Facts’ About Car Insurance

28-02-2018 | Ramona |

Car insurance can be somewhat complicated, and for many car owners this can be a huge problem. So it can be a huge shock when confronted with the truth of the matter as we check North Carolina car insurance quotes.

So let’s separate fact from fiction and ascertain the truth about car insurance, shall we?

  1. Old cars don’t need insurance for theft because no one will steal them anyway. It may surprise you to find out that car thieves actually prefer to steal older cars than newer ones. One simple reason for this is that older cars have less sophisticated security measures, so thieves find them easier to steal.The other reason why thieves tend to target older cars is that there’s a huge demand for the car parts of these old cars. So they can steal your car and sell it for parts to other car owners who have the same car as you did.
  1. The color of the car can be a factor in determining your premium rates. Now you may want to get your car in white, because you have a sneaking suspicion that auto insurance companies distrust car owners who prefer more exciting colors such as red. You may think that your preference for exciting colors may convince these insurance people that you also drive in a more excitable manner. But the truth of the matter is that insurance people don’t really care about the color of your car at all. They’re more interested in the make and model of your car as well as your actual driver.
  2. Your insurance policy automatically covers any sort of damage. This is definitely not true at all, though it’s somewhat disconcerting how many people seem to think it’s true. Some types of damage are covered by a comprehensive policy, but you may have only the bare minimum coverage that doesn’t cover theft. To be sure, you need to ask your auto insurance if theft and other “acts of God” are covered.
  3. If a friend borrows my car, he (or she) is responsible if he gets into an accident. Again, this isn’t true. Auto insurance companies focus on the car, and not really on who is driving. As the car owner, you’re ultimately held responsible for any accident and damages that may happen when your buddy borrows your car.
  4. If my laptop is stolen inside the car, the auto insurance company can replace it. Again, the focus of the car insurance company is the car. In general, auto insurance policies don’t cover any personal items that may get damaged or stolen while they’re inside your car. You may have a homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policy that covers your personal items, but that doesn’t involve your auto insurance at all.
  5. Insurance companies can cancel a policy whenever they want. This is an old charge against car insurance companies, but they can really do this in the middle of a term without a good reason. They can only do so when they have valid grounds. They can cancel your policy if you keep missing premium payments, or if fraud is suspected.

Take some time to study up on actual car insurance facts, and consult with your insurance agent for answers to your questions. It’s better if you know the truth, rather than believe myths that may end up costing you a lot more money in the end.

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