Get Ahead in Your Career by Perfecting Your Presentation Skills

23-05-2017 | Ramona |

The ability to deliver effective presentations is a quality that is respected among all professionals.

There’s a lot of pressure and stress involved when you have to get up in front of your peers to present a pitch, so those who can do it perfectly are a valuable asset to the business.

If you want to get ahead and learn how to improve your presenting, take a look at the following tips.

Give your audience something specific to take home with them

An audience is always happier if they walk away from a presentation with something inspiring that you’ve said, that they can then apply in their own lives. If you’ve said something to inspire them, they will think of you when they’re discussing what you’ve said with others.

Don’t be afraid to show genuine emotion when you speak

In this day and age of false news, when smooth talkers are blathering nonsense coldly and calmly to whoever will listen, it’s a great career move to be able to present your speech in a true, genuine manner.

It can be a useful tactic to mention that you made mistakes in the past, or that you were hurt, unsure, or felt remorseful. Being honest and showing a bit of real genuine emotion can be a very effective method of showing your audience that you are a person that is capable of feeling something deeply. They will then interpret you as being more genuine, and what you’re saying will resonate with them.

Get trained

If your presentation skills are that bad, or you’re starting to get concerned, consider getting some presentation training from an expert organization.

Working with an expert will allow you to assess the problem and then work out how to fix it. You’ll build on your existing skills that need polishing, whilst simultaneously developing new skills that will help you in your career.

Have a secondary goal in your presentation

Let’s say that you are presenting a business proposal, but can see that your audience isn’t really buying into it. What you can do here is shift the focus of your talk ever so slightly.

If you had a main goal of landing a contract, try to focus a little more on a future opportunity somewhere down the road. You might not be getting what you originally wanted, but you can open the door to another opportunity to present sometime in the future

Don’t put off answering any questions until the end of your presentation

The question will lose its immediacy and importance if you delay your reply. Showing that can think on your feet is one of the most important career advancement techniques you can master.

If you are very nervous before your business presentation, try doing a little stress relief

Go for a walk, or visit the gym before your presentation. Also, don’t put off eating until the very last moment before your time to present. You want to ensure you have enough energy and your only focus is on what you’re presenting. This will help to get rid of any nerves.

Go into your presentation with a number of contingency plans

What happens if for some reason you can’t access the Internet, or your carefully constructed PowerPoint presentation? What if the meeting runs extremely long, and you are forced to consolidate your twenty minutes of presentation time into five minutes? Think it out ahead of time. Career advancement can depend on just how adaptable you are, and how you can shape your presentation to conform and excel under unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances.


Make sure that your presentation contains a bit of information that is totally new to your audience. If you’re talking about the same tired things they’ve heard thousands of times before, you will score a zero for interest. Zero-scoring presentations do NOT lead to any kind of career advancement, so ensuring your points are unique is essential.

Do not make any excuses before your presentation

Such as “I’m sorry, I haven’t presented this particular information in public before”. You need to remain professional at all times and show that you are confident in what you’re saying. If you doubt yourself, your audience are going to do exactly the same.

If you’ve made slides, DON’T read them word for word

Add to the written words with personal observations. Of course, keep the number of words on each slide to a minimum, so that your audience can read them quickly.

Get your audience’s attention immediately

Make the presentation interesting. The better the presentation is, the more likely it will stick in the minds of the people listening. What better way is there to impress an audience, and make sure that the possibility of career advancement will become a reality?

Speak clearly, repeat and reinforce

Make a point; then talk about how that particular point applies. If you don’t think you’ve explained something well, go over it again.

Do you want to be proactive in the advancement of your career? If so, perfecting your presentation skills through the above tactics is a must.

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