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How to Have a Luxury Residence for Less


If you can afford it, it makes sense to move into one of those luxury residences in Montreal. But if those million dollar homes are out of your reach, you can still make your home look luxurious without spending a fortune. Here are some tips:

Go for a Minimalist Theme

It’s a bit ironic that buying fewer pieces for your home actually makes your place look more expensive. It obviously helps with your budget, since buying fewer pieces is generally cheaper than buying more. Yet having a few basic pieces of furniture seems much more tasteful, and the spare setting does tend to offer a more luxurious vibe. Many affluent homes today subscribe to the minimalist philosophy, and you can do the same.

Minimalism also means de-cluttering your place. You should throw out the useless junk that can easily get dirty and also make your place look like a hoarder’s haven. Nowadays, less is more when it comes to exuding elegance and luxury.

Always Have Fresh Flowers in Your Home

You’ll find that many of the homes of the rich and famous tend to have expensive bouquets of fresh flowers all the time. It’s the kind of non-functional detail that puts it firmly in the “luxury” category.

But you don’t have to get the exotic flower arrangements that cost a lot of money. Any sort of colourful fresh flowers will do just fine, even if they actually cost only a few dollars. Some sellers even offer a type of floral bouquet that can last for more than two weeks, which makes them eminently cost-effective.

There’s no doubt that having fresh flowers in your home instantly elevates your place in its apparent luxuriousness. The presence of such a bouquet showcases your appreciation for beauty and for good taste, and that makes your home seem rich.

Build a Library in Your Living Room

Throughout history, reading seems like the pastime of the educated and the idle rich and subconsciously many people still hold to that idea. So you can build shelves on your walls and fill them up with books. They don’t have to be leather bound volumes, and frankly their titles really don’t matter when it comes to offering an atmosphere of luxury.

Books can also come very cheaply these days, especially when you buy them in bulk at second-hand bookstores. They also have the extra benefit of providing you with some educational amusement, as they may tempt you to actually read once in a while.

Decorate with Prints and Artsy Photos

Paintings can be very expensive, even if they do look like a kindergartner’s finger-painting. But then you can have stunning black-and-white photos on your wall along with prints of gorgeous paintings. You can have use nice-looking frames that don’t cost much, especially if you buy them in bulk. Buying many frames at a time also ensures that your photos and prints have a unifying factor that makes the overall look more coherent.

Just make sure that you have real art on your walls, and not movie posters or anything similar. People associate art with sophistication and affluence, and you can take advantage of that.

Stick to a Color Palette

A proper color palette is a combination of colors that seem to belong together. It’s not really a mystery to discover which colors go with which. All you need to do is to go online and check out a color palette that appeals to your sense of style. When the various aspects of your rooms seem to have a cohesive look, everything seems more expensive than they really are. It even looks like you hired a professional interior designer to fix your place up.

With these tips, you can make your abode look like a million bucks!


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