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How to Take the Stress Out of Freelancing


How to Take the Stress Out of Freelancing

We all know that freelancing is a great way to earn a decent living, doing what you love, and also get enough time to play with your kids, travel the world or renovate a country house (or whatever you want to invest time and money in).

Freelancing can also be pretty stressful. From having ‘clients from hell’ to huge cash-flow issues, because said clients don’t pay on time, lack of sleep and a feeling of underachieving, nothing is new to someone who’s been freelancing for a while.

However, as with any job, there are also ways you can minimize the stress freelancing brings.

Following some key tips will help you indulge in your new role and open more doors.

Stick to a daily schedule

I hated the idea of working a 9 to 5 job, this is why I started freelancing in the first place.

But working only when you get the chance, won’t cut it, since you’ll need to work long hours, at least at first, until you set up your business.

You can work from anywhere in the world, and at your own pace.

Yet, you will still find yourself needing to work similar hours to an office job at the beginning to fund your daily life.

The best way to do this is by sticking to a schedule, which you can find a handy guide about on Wikihow.

I find it useful to write a list of 3-5 tasks to take care of THE NEXT day, every evening, this way, when I wake up, I already know what to deal with. Otherwise, just looking for something to do, will use up a lot of energy and time.

Make time to relax

It is not rare for freelancers to develop the inability to switch off.

And, if you are like me, you’ll constantly think about your small business, what needs to be done etc.

When you feel yourself getting stressed, it’s wise to take a step back and relax.

Although this may feel counter-productive, it is truer that taking regular breaks will give you time to recharge and improve your focus.

One of the most popular ways to do this is by taking a few minutes every hour to unwind from the comfort of your workspace.

Online gaming sites like Unibet are perfect for times like these. You can also take up a sport and get in shape, while also resting your brain during your regular workouts.

If you have a dog or a kid, you’ll get enough opportunities to just have fun and unwind.

Stick to your routine

For lots of people, the fact freelancing rarely offers the chance to receive a monthly paycheck is something that puts them off.

It is common for people to attempt freelancing, only to quit after the first few months when they see little money rolling in.

This is where many just quit, even if they were so close to actually making it work.

My best friend started freelancing about 2 years ago and it took her about 12 months to actually see some good results.

Starting up with very few clients at first, she just kept on going until freelancing proved to be profitable at last.

Before you start freelancing, you should ensure you have saved enough money to last you a few months, which you can find help with on NerdWallet.

Then, you can work your way up, and reap the rewards from all your hard work.

I have been freelancing full time for almost 10 years and there is no way I’d get back to a ‘normal’ job anymore. As long as you keep on growing your business and dealing with any stress, freelancing can be really great for you as well.



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