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Itchy, Happy, Feet: 7 Great Jobs for Those That Love to Travel


Everybody dreams of being able to see the world, but our day-to-day lives and commitments make it almost impossible for most of us.

In most cases it goes like this – those who have the time don’t have the money, and those who have the money don’t have the time.

What’s to be done here?

The answer is to get into a line of work that allows you the opportunity to travel all over while still earning your paycheck.

There are more opportunities for this than many people imagine.

Here’s a look a some of the jobs and industries out there that will allow you to make a living while satisfying your hunger to see the wide world that awaits you.

Web Design

The internet has made a lot of things possible that we wouldn’t have considered viable before. You can have internet access virtually anywhere you are in the world, 24-7.

If you’re a tech junkie, it would make perfect sense for you to take your act on the road, working as you travel to your heart’s content.

A lot of people in the tech industry work from home already, so it’s not such a big stretch to imagine.

Hotel Service

This might come as a bit of a surprise for many, but the restaurant industry provides some of the most plentiful and flexible work for those with itchy feet.

Bartenders, servers, short-order cooks, and general kitchen staff jobs can be a great way to finance your journeys, especially if you speak English in a region where establishments wish to attract English speaking customers.

It can be a great hiring point, and the jobs are not so involving that you’ll need an overly-thick resume to get hired – just be friendly, presentable, and know your basics and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting posted.

Public Service

This might not seem like the kind of thing we’re looking for here, but don’t be too quick to judge.

Firemen, doctors, policemen, registered nurses, and the like might have to work crazy 12-hour shifts, but there’s an upside for the wanderers among us.

These types of schedules usually come with extended periods of free time, four days on average, in between these condensed on-call shifts, and these make for perfect opportunities to go on some short excursions before getting your nose back to the grinder.


The only people who love Summer break more than school-going children are their teachers.

Ask anybody.

The beauty of the teaching profession for those with a love of travel is the perfect opportunity the long Summer breaks provide.

If you’re worried about the budget involved for international travel, teaching may also have you covered.

There are plenty of countries all over the world seeking North American trained teachers to come over and educate their young ones.

This isn’t limited to English tutoring alone, but the whole spectrum of teaching specializations including math, geography, the sciences, and everything in-between.

Whether you’d be willing to emigrate to another country or take advantage of the Summer breaks to get your traveling done, teaching might be just the thing for you.

Forex Trading

Yet another profession that’s been granted a massive amount of freedom is forex trading.

As long as you’ve got your working internet connection, there’s basically no limit to where and when you can get your work done.

You can do your thing laying on the beaches of Bali, or be one of the many professional Forex traders that troop to Colorado to do their work in the bracing mountain setting – it’s all up to you.


Consultants are the guys organizations call in to handle particularly complex or unfamiliar operations in their business that their in-house employees might not be qualified or experienced enough to handle.

The services themselves can range over a very broad spectrum of fields, from engineering to accounting to people skills. The beauty of it all for us here is the fact that organizations all over the world and in various industries could be calling you up to come and work your magic.

You’ll get the chance to visit a foreign land as you fulfill your contract thee and once your job is done, it’s on to the next one or some down time back home.

Flight Attendance

We probably don’t need to say too much about this because well, it might be a little bit obvious, right?

Hold on just a minute though.

Aside from the obvious traveling duties and extended layovers, there are a few hidden perks that might be worth knowing about.

Should you be one that likes to travel with a special someone or a close travel buddy, then there are a lot of special deals and discounted rates you’ll be in a position to take advantage of here.

It isn’t too difficult to get a job here as well, requiring minimal training, a willingness to learn the ropes, with some sales or customer service experience being a bonus.


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