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How to Do the Perfect Technical Analysis in Forex Market


Forex trading is an art and without mastering this art no one can make a consistent profit. Most of the retail traders don’t understand the importance of proper trading education in the Forex market.

They simply consider this market as a shortcut way to becoming rich person. But trading is just like your traditional business.

You need to have a valid trading strategy to make consistent profit from this market. If you always trade the market based on your emotions, you are going to lose money like the 95% of the traders. In order to establish yourself as a successful trader, you need to work really hard to learn more about this market.

Without having precise knowledge about the trading industry it’s almost impossible for a certain individual to make a consistent profit. In today’s article, we will discuss how to do the perfect technical analysis to find the best trading signals.

Daily time frame analysis

Most novice traders are always looking to place a trade. They are doing the market analysis in the lower time frame and thus facing lots of false trading signals. But if you consider the professional traders in the United Kingdom you will be surprised to see that most of them are doing the market analysis in the higher time frame. Some retail traders might say that they are trading the 1-hour time frame yet losing money. But the 1-hour time frame is not considered as the higher time frame in the eyes of expert UK traders.

You need to do major technical analysis in the daily time frame so that you can filter out the false trading signals very easily. Trading the market in the higher time frame is a little bit boring but at the end of the day, it will pay you extremely well. On the contrary, if you trade the lower time frame data you will lose money very fast in the dynamic nature of Forex market.

Professional trading platform

In order to do the perfect market analysis, you need to have one the best fx trading platforms. For this reason, most of the successful traders in the United Kingdom always trade this market with a reputed broker like ETX Capital. Having the perfect trading platform is crucial to your trading success.

The high-class brokers are spending millions of dollars to develop the best trading platform so that the retail traders can do the precise technical analysis. As a new trader, you might understand many features of your trading platform but if you do some cross-check everything will become easy for you.

Those who are completely new to this industry should seek help from the expert trader’s community. The more you learn about this market the better you will become at trading.

Keep your trading system

There is a tendency among novice traders to make things complex. But having the most complex trading system doesn’t guarantee that you will make a huge amount of profit. Success lies in simplicity. You need to develop a very simple trading strategy so that you can easily do the market analysis even during an extreme level of market volatility. At times you might get confused about your trading system by facing a series of losing trades but this is very common in the Forex market.

Even the most successful traders in the UK trading community often face consecutive losing trades. You need to trade this market with the lots of confidence. Make sure that you are trading with high-risk reward trade setups so that you can easily cover up your trading loss.

Trading is not as hard as it seems to the new trader. If you can learn all the details of this market with devotion, everything will become easy for you. Last but not the least, never trade with the money that you can’t afford to lose.


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