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Best Personal Finance Articles on PFtoday.com (2015)


Phew, can’t believe 2015 is almost gone.

We have few days remaining, enough time to do some planning, cook delicious meals and spend time with our family.

Here is a list of the articles we have posted here, on Personal Finance Today, which are worth keeping in mind:

The True Cost of Being in Debt – Wasted Opportunities

Here I write about my personal struggle with debt. While it wasn’t for long (or a huge debt comparing to what others have to face), it felt debilitating to me. I was this close to forego the chance of a lifetime and I’m happy we did take the plunge, no matter the risks. It did change our lives forever.

100 Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Just like the title implies, this is a HUGE article that lists 100 tactics to save money on your power bills. Of course, not all are applicable, but at least few tens of them will help you save more money.

Freelancing Success Story: Life on an Exotic Island and Working Abroad

As I am preparing something new related to freelancing (you’ll find out more about it in few days), I’m happy to have gathered few success stories from people I admire and who have done well working ‘for themselves’. Please read this interview, it’s inspiring.

How to Earn MORE Money on Ebay

Few tips and tricks to help you earn more money when selling on eBay.

Freelancing Success Story: Studying and Focusing on Volunteer Work

A great story from a close friend of mine who’s used her time to help others as a volunteer for the Italian Red Cross. Let’s say she’s the real deal, spending her free time to aid the people in need, donating blood regularly and yet finding a bit of time to also earn some money on the side.

Freelancing Portfolio: 8 Reasons Why You Should Have One

I plan onΒ  creating an entire series about how to create a killer freelancing portfolio, so far I listed 8 reasons why it’s MANDATORY if you want to have any success providing services online.

Debt on a Low Income

Debt is pretty difficult to handle when you are earning well, with a low income, paying it off is close to impossible. Yet, there are ways to handle it and slowly become debt free.

Make Money in College: The Pros and Cons of Having a Job While in College

I worked full time during college. While it was pretty challenging, it did provide some really cool benefits: money, experience, steady job etc.

Saving Money: How to Make the Most of a Financial Windfall

Most people who earn a lot of money at once will most likely have squandered it pretty fast. Here are some tricks to make the most of a windfall.

Small Business Success Story: Creating a Successful Web Hosting Business from Scratch

A great interview with a business owner I have worked with for a long time. Find out how we started from scratch and created a successful web hosting business.

Should You Start a Business in Recession?

I started my web design business ‘for real’ in 2009, one of the worst years in my country’s economy. And yet, starting it during recession wasn’t such a bad idea. Find out why.

100 Ways to Save Money

Another ‘biggie’: 100 ways to save money: on insurance, shopping, car related expenses, healthcare etc.

Top 7 Money Lessons My Grandma Taught Me

I’m very fond of this article, since I speak about someone who’s been HUGE in my life: my grandmother, who’s also been my mother for more than 30 years. She’s a great lady and had some really great things to teach me.

Year-End Small Business Tasks

Here are few ideas to effectively work on your business during these last days. Some small tweaks that will make 2016 better for you, money wise.

So, this is PFtoday ‘in short’.

Well have some really amazing stuff in 2016, am working tirelessly on some new cool features and additions. But you’ll find out more about them in few days.

Wishing you all a great 2016 and thank you for being a part of our community.



  1. I LOVED your ‘how to save money on…’ series! Such helpful personal finance articles! It was like they were written for me personally, for dummies πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ LOL!

  2. I just recently found PFtoday and is still pretty new to the site. I’ve read some of the articles and I’ve to say I enjoy them a lot. This list is a good way for me to continue on with my journey in this site. There are tons of articles already written, and this list can help newbies like me to easily have an idea where to start. Just finished reading the 100 Tips on Saving Money, and I must say it was a pretty extensive list. Something I highly recommend someone to find time to read as without doubt it can help you improve your financial circumstance.

    • Well if you want to you can pretty much cover all the basis if stick around here, which is great. I have found so many useful articles here, and even when it is something that I know well, it is always nice to get reminders and pointers just as a way to keep them in mind and stay vigilant and on top of my finances. Very informative and useful.

  3. That’s quite the compilation! All of them great and informative articles to help those of us who find ourselves in a financial position that is not very good. Thanks for sharing all of them, and I will definitely make the time to read them all. I’ve gotten so much great advice, tips and tricks to help me gain financial freedom on this site, I always can’t wait for your new articles.

  4. It is nice to see all of them here listed nicely. I was actually looking for this list for a while, so that might be something that you could make a little easier to find. It might also be the case where I just skipped over it time and time again, and it would not be the first time. I love it though, and it should definitely keep me busy.


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