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Phew, when did September go and why is October already half gone?

We’re getting closer to Christmas and New Year already and soon 2018 will be upon us.

Let’s try and see some of the personal finance posts that caught my eye last week:

What I Learned From Interviewing 19 Millionaires – I always like to find out how the rich think about money, so, if you’re curious, it’s worth checking out.

How I Slowly Grew My Blog My Own Way – I’m really sick of all ‘how to create a profitable blog’ articles created just to push those Bluehost affiliate links and banners. For your information, they are one of the best paying affiliate systems right now, so people will just write ‘tutorials’ to get 75 bucks or whatever they are paying now. Cait has succeeded in creating a really nice article describing what it really takes to get your blog off the ground. As someone who spent 15 years working online and a decade blogging, I can tell you this is worth reading.

Buying a House? How to Best Handle the Entire Home Buying Process – a ‘meaty’ article about how to best prepare yourself to buy a home.

10 Money Goals to Cross Off Your List Before 30 – I’m close to 40 already, so the list is not as relevant as it was before. Yet, if you’re getting closer to your third decade of your life, see if you can solve as much as possible from all those money tasks.

Money is Not The Goal, Time Is – really speaks my mind. We can earn money and save it, invest it, squander it. As long as we are healthy and can be with our loved ones, it doesn’t matter that much anyway.

Please read and enjoy 🙂


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