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Increase Your Traffic and Sales! – Professional Web Site Review

Let me guess .. your web site (blog) is not really doing that well.

It happens to everybody, competition is fierce nowadays and you need to take care of a gazillion little things to really make it online.

Back in 2002 (that’s when I started my first web site), you’d only have to write some articles and you’d be fine. Yes, even using a free Front Page template would suffice.

But now there’s responsive web design, page load speed, various SEO tweaks, content marketing strategies, email lists to be created and managed. Ah, let’s not forget our bread and butter: strategically created content that’s gonna wow your visitors and turn them into fans.

Just publishing great content is no longer enough. Installing WordPress is the first step, there are countless tweaks you need to make for it to really run smoothly. There are SEO strategies you need to take care of. Community building tactics you might have never heard of.

Get a professional web site (blog) review!

Who’s gonna deliver the report?

An experienced graphic / web designer, who created hundreds of successful web site for her clients, has an outstanding record and has spend tens of thousands of hours learning all the tricks of the trade.

I’ve worked on small and big projects, ran various communities and taught others how to drastically improve their online presence.

What will you get?

A complete report of how your web site looks/works and all the changes you are recommended to make. Personally crafted tactics to get more subscribers and visitors, strategies to better convert and sell.

In a nutshell:

  • graphic and branding report – find out what’s working and what needs improvement on how your web site looks
  • web design tweaks – clean code, fully responsive theme, loading issues.
  • plugins – find out which are slowing your web site down and which plugins will help you run your web site easier.
  • SEO – all good practices to have in mind to really boost your search engine rankings.
  • content marketing – what to write, when and how to promote better.
  • social media – find out what social media outlets matter for you and get traffic.
  • community building strategies – how to have people comment and share your content.
  • making money with your web site – find out how to better monetize your projects.
  • … and many more.

Let a professional create you a to-do list to boost your traffic and sales.

All of this for only $300


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