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Is it safe to deposit your money in online games?


If you want to taste the thrills of gambling and can’t afford to visit the real casinos, you can always get an account on a reputable online casino games website and have fun there.

Just with anything online, you can get scammed or you be safe and still enjoy your game.

We’ll try focus on the latter option and show you few tips to find the most reputable online casino websites that offer a reliable service for your needs.

How to safely play online casino games

Start your search and weed out the sites that aren’t looking too professionally designed

Just with anything online, a serious business will invest in its website. Casino sites that look like in the 90’s might not be the best option for you.

If the website looks good, you’ll start your next step in your research:

Look for reviews

Today everyone has an opinion about everything, so you’ll surely find a lot of reviews online about the few websites that you have singled out.

There are professional online casino review sites that give you exact details about these projects, so it’s a good way to continue your research from there.

Are there any other reviews? From regular people who are playing online casino games? Where do they have an account? What’s their opinion?

They are active on the stock exchange

I know you’re thinking “Hold on, what’s the stock exchange got to do with online casinos?”

Well, apparently there’s a clear connection, since many casino companies are actually listed on the stock exchange. In this case you can expect your funds to be safe, since the companies have to abide by a lot of regulations and laws to be accepted there.

In this case you are dealing with a professional company that’s not in the business to scam you.

Do a serious background check

Before you start sending money into your account and risk losing it, do a bit more research. How long have they been in operation? What the payout percentage is? How is the entire payment process? Is it fast? Are they intentionally delaying payouts just so that you’ll re-invest your own money, out of frustration?

These few details can make a huge difference for your online casino playing experience.

Licenses and certifications clearly displayed

If you had a diploma from Harvard or have won the Pulitzer prize, I’m sure you’d brag about it.

It’s the same with these websites.

If you see certifications and licenses clearly displayed and emphasized on their website, chances are they are well regulated and can be trusted. If they don’t show these ‘badges’, they don’t have the certifications and it might be a better idea to look for another website.

Reliable Random Number Generators

You can imagine that, when you are playing online slots of card games there’s no actual person who’s ‘dealing’. This means the company relies on what’s called a Random Number Generator (RNG).

This tool is important, since it ensures that the deal (card or slot reels) is fair for all the people who are gambling.

Serious casinos will provide information about the RNG and employ independent companies to thoroughly test it.

Contact the support

Even if you are not yet enrolled to start playing online, why not test out the waters and really see how support is handled?

Write them and ask them pertinent questions about your account and what’s offered there.

If you have to wait for days for a response or the support is impolite or lacking knowledge, you’ll at least know not to invest your money in such a company.

Create a free account to test the waters

Most online casino games sites allow you to play some games for free. Create such account and, before you start spending money there, see how it works. If there are some free games you enjoy, the players community and so on.

I think these tips should allow you to safely play online casino games, earn some money and have a great experience.

What else would you add?


  1. Good advice. You should always be careful with these sorts of things as anyone can create one, earn some money from a few people and disappear. There are obvious good ones, another good way to tell is the more popular ones have TV adverts, etc.

  2. The second reason may not be as obvious, but it is easy to understand if you think about it. Let’s say that you were investing in the restaurants in your town. Lets first say that you picked one restaurant to start with and put all of your money into it. As you know, restaurants come and go all of the time because the food isn’t good, the owners don’t know how to manage the books, there is too much competition, or a variety of other issues. Even if you pick one that is doing well and has customers coming out the doors, the husband and wife team who run it might get divorced and end up closing anyway. The partners might have a fight. One of the main partners might get married and his/her spouse may not want the restaurant life. There are all sorts of things that could go wrong. If you buy single investments, the same thing can happen. First of all, it is hard to pick the successful companies out of a sea of possibilities. Secondly, even if you do, an issue with the management, a law


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