Save Money on Your Car: 7 Easy Ways to Get More Miles from a Tank of Fuel

31-01-2017 | Ramona |

Most drivers want to get the most miles from their fuel as they can. If you can spend less on fuel you have more to spend on other things, rather than just constantly pouring money into your car.

Here are some of the easiest ways to ensure you get the most miles from your car

Keep your tyres in great condition

The condition of the tyres on your car is really important. They are the main point of contact with the road and if they’re under inflated or damaged this will affect your mpg (miles per gallon). Check your tyre pressures regularly, especially when the weather and temperature changes. The air pressure inside your tyres will change depending on the outside air temperature.

Get a smaller car

The weight of the car can have a big impact on fuel consumption. In general smaller cars can get higher mpg. The weight of passengers and the load you’re carrying also has an effect. You’ll notice that with a car full of passengers much more fuel is used compared to driving on your own.

Drive more carefully

This is the simplest way to get a better mpg. If you’re constantly flooring it away from traffic lights and braking hard then you’re just wasting a lot of fuel. Even if you’re doing a constant 80 mph on the motorway you’re burning more fuel than if you were to travel at 65 mph or 70 mph instead.

If you like to accelerate fast then get used to filling up more often and spending more money on petrol. By accelerating slower, braking as little as possible and driving at slower speeds on the motorway you will quickly notice you’re saving a fortune in fuel bills. Check this site out for more help with driving.

Buy lower octane fuel

You may have seen the different types of petrol at the filling station. There’s normally a standard petrol and a premium petrol to choose from at the pump. Most people think that the premium fuel will be better but unless you have a high performance car you just don’t need high octane ‘premium’ fuel.

Unless you’re taking your car to the track you are wasting money buying premium fuel.

Remove roof racks

When you’re not using them, remove all roof racks and any roof boxes. Anything extra on the roof creates more drag and you need to put your foot further down on the accelerator to overcome it. You might not actually notice the drag when you’re driving but it can easily make a 5 mpg difference on longer journeys. This sounds small but over a few weeks the costs can add up quite quickly.

Replace your air filter

If your air filter is old and full of dust and other rubbish then your engine isn’t getting as much clean air and is slowly being strangled. This means that the air and fuel mix isn’t correct and your engine management system is struggling to correct it. Your car might feel a bit underpowered, however because the changes are so slow you might not even notice anything.

Air filters aren’t expensive and most can be changed easily with a tiny bit of know how. Putting a new filter in can give your car a new lease of life if it hasn’t been replaced for a while.

Get new spark plugs

Over time your spark plugs really take a hammering. Carbon deposits build up on the tips and can cause a weaker spark, meaning that the combustion isn’t as strong and your engine doesn’t sound quite as sweet as it once did. A fresh set of spark plugs will make your engine purr again.

Any other tips? What do you do to save money on your car?

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