Specialist Requirements that You Should Outsource in your SME or Start-Up

27-06-2017 | Ramona |

If you run an SME or a start-up business, you’ll know how precious your finances are.

You can’t afford to waste a dime, so every decision you make needs to be taken seriously – especially when you’re talking about hiring.

Hiring in-house resources versus outsourcing work is an age-old debate, with plenty of merits for both sides. However, there are some skills that you should only ever outsource.

Well, unless your company is based on providing those services!

For example, if you’re not an IT company, you shouldn’t be employing a full team of IT support. If you’re not accountants, you shouldn’t have a huge finance team.

By outsourcing specialist skills, you can save money on salaries, yet still have the expertise when it’s needed.

Information analysts and IT recovery

Your IT is vital to your company. Without it, you have nothing. However, this doesn’t mean you need a full-stack IT team in-house. Not only is it incredibly expensive, but their skills aren’t needed all year round.

You need to ensure that you know experienced, qualified professionals who can attend a situation at the drop of a hat. As when something goes wrong with your IT, you don’t want to be waiting for an appointment.

From data recovery specialists to a RAID recovery service, you should have a list of people you can go to when your IT has given up. IT support is nearly always very specialist, and someone who can deal with your hard drive corrupting or your RAID infrastructure failing is unlikely to be needed every day – or hopefully not anyway!

Legal and finance

You won’t get far in business without a legal and finance team, but do you really need them in-house? Not only do they demand high salaries, but their skills aren’t needed on a daily basis.

If you’re a start-up or only have a few employees, you might only need an accountant for a few days a month – yet you’d be paying for the full 30 or so days if they were a full-time employee.

Likewise, if you only need legal advice for standard SME or start-up queries, then paying someone to be in full time would be a waste of your budget. There are many financial and legal firms who offer packages to SMEs and start-ups, giving you everything you’re likely to need, without the commitment of hiring someone yourself.

Marketing and advertising

While marketing and advertising is necessary for your business, think about whether you need a full team in-house. It’s a good idea to have someone experienced in this, but when it comes to copywriters, strategists and designers, you probably don’t need them all!

It’s a good idea to have someone who understands a bit of everything, and can then oversee freelancers or contractors, who can come in and work on a specific campaign for you, or work through a year-long plan.

Once you get a bit bigger, you can look at bringing more in-house, but to start with, having a marketing consultant is a cheaper option.

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