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Mortgage Application and Credit Score – Are They Connected?

Technology mingled with the financial world long ago to create credit profiles on all citizens, and like it or not, […]


15 Good, Better and Best Mortgage Tips From the Experts

If you are looking to get on the property ladder, chances are that you have looked at mortgages already. As […]


Reverse Mortgages Explained

With the cost of living expenses, the elderly may find their best option is to obtain a reverse mortgage. When […]


How to pay off mortgage faster

Still struggling with your mortgage payments? Here are the 3 smart tactics that will allow you to pay off mortgage faster.

Financing Property Investment: How to Get Started

Housing markets the world over are recovering from the crisis in 2008, and as a result, now is a perfectly […]

mortgage options

3 Popular Mortgage options for Modern Consumers

OK, so you have decided to get a mortgage. While this is always good news, you are about to embark […]

mortgage advisor

How to Pick the Right Mortgage Advisor for You

Do you need to hire a mortgage advisor? Find out what to look for and what mistakes to avoid.


The True Cost of Being in Debt – Wasted Opportunities

Back in 2008, when I bought a car and financed it, my current husband (boyfriend back then) was shocked to […]

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Home Appraisal Tips for Refinancing

When you refinance your mortgage, a very important stage in this process is getting a great home appraisal. This can […]

underwater mortgage

Underwater Mortgage: What Should You Do?

Having an ‘underwater mortgage’ means that your house is now worth less than the mortgage you have to pay. Say […]

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