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freelancing success story

Freelancing Success Story: Studying and Focusing on Volunteer Work

When I first started freelancing, I never in my dreams would have imagined that it would turn out so well. […]

home based business

A Small Home Based Business or a Bigger Company?

Few weeks ago I got a phone call from a business owner in my city, telling me he’d like to […]

freelancing success

Freelancing Success Story: Life on an Exotic Island and Working Abroad

I’ve known Gabriela for some years, since she started commenting on my Romanian blog. I was actually writing about freelancing […]

Financial Resolutions for 2015

2015! It’s here and, as any good personal finance bloggers, we clearly have some financial resolutions ready. Last year, knowing […]

make money personal shopper

Make Money as a Personal Shopper

We continue our ‘how to make money‘ series with yet another small business idea that could help you earn some […]

freelancing success

Freelancing Success Story: From Debt to a Successful Business

I would like to create a series of articles, named Freelancing Success Stories, to give you all examples of people […]

elance jobs

How to Get Better Elance Jobs and Avoid Bad Customers

Few minutes ago I published an article entitled Cheaplance or What’s Wrong with the New Elance?. While this sounds really […]

freelancing advice

The Most Important Freelancing Advice You’d Give

In the past years we have witnessed a huge change in how people work and freelancing has grown from a […]

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