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Read our well researched and tried strategies to save money. Frugal living and money saving tricks that will help you get more money at the end of the month.

How to Save Money with Fiberglass

In many industries today, the use of fiberglass has become so pervasive. It’s common for household insulation, plenty of house windows use fiberglass, and...
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100 Ways to Save Money

Here are 100 ways to save money: grocery savings, car costs, bank fees, power bills and so on.

Creative Ways to Reduce Your Power Bills

Everybody knows the basics of saving energy. You already know, for instance, that shorter showers are important for reducing your power and water usage. You already...
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100 Ways to Save Money on Electricity

For most households the electricity bill can sometimes eat up quite a chunk of the budget. This is why knowing few tricks to save...
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The Pros and Cons of Saving Money for Kids’ Future

Many of us, personal finance bloggers, are also parents, so the thought of saving money for kids' future clearly passed our minds. Most of...